Our Story

This is not a training program.
This is the art and science
of athletic performance.
Trevor Harrison, Founder

I was an international rugby player. Injury forced me out of the sport I loved…early.

I come from a family of elite athletes – national champions, para-world champions, world-record holders. I had trainers who wanted the best for me. I did the work. It wasn’t enough. I did not have the evidence-based methods I needed to enjoy a long professional career.

I have dedicated my life to making sure other athletes, regardless of their age or level, have the methods and support to be able to play in their sport as long as possible.

Over the last 20 years, starting from a garage gym in the heat of an Arizona summer to working all over the world with the best professional athletes  – I gathered the most effective, repeatable methods to re-balance bodies. Evidence-based techniques that enable athletes of all levels gain strength, speed, and stability.  Helping athletes do the work that keeps them playing over a longer period of time and at peak performance in their sport.

It is my goal to help athletes enjoy their career for as long as possible. What we do is simple, but it is not easy.  You do the work. We show you how.

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